Epica “Omega”

I listened to this a while ago, but honestly haven’t been inspired to post anything about it. Songs like “The Skeleton Key” reveal the major flaw with bands like this. Simple, silly ideas, just extended and piled into on and on with major studio production. I still don’t really understand how Simone fits into this whole thing. There’s like this giant metal band, and then the seas part for this operatic voice to seep through. I enjoy Devin Townsend and what he’s done with the genre, but this just isn’t for me. But if you’ve never bothered with the band’s catalogue and have been curious because their overwhelming marketing budget is sure to have put something across your feed in some way, and have time to put something else into the earbuds and go down a dreary wood for an hour and change, slap this one on. Who knows, you may like it.

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