Court Order - The Work


Court Order pulls itself from the far corners of the tri-state area, pouring endlessly into equipment, tolls/gas, merch, practice, studio, and storage spaces, and commits countless hours in traffic to consistently get its act together. Court Order never practiced in a garage, or rehearsed in a house for convenience. Hailing from Brooklyn, that’s never been a possibility.
The work has always been a part of our story and our aim to inspire anyone who’s had an eye on us - to live a life you choose to build a vision into reality. We believe in what we do, when at times it feels like it’s almost out of reach to stitch everything together. The pursuit is the difference between having an existence worth living full of purpose, or letting time slip past you as your dreams and identity dissolve. Court Order FOREVER ♾ 
📷 @theguyfromthepic

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