Knocked Loose “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life”

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you recognize Knocked Loose to be undeniably one of the most important bands in the extreme music space today. To release an unannounced EP in the middle of the day on a Wednesday afternoon that’s had this much TLC takes a lot of guts, and the play count on the accompanying video just keeps rising. Knocked Loose doesn’t deviate much from their roots, while simultaneously elevating their game, and alongside Will Putney’s studio craftsmanship and killer visuals, this is a serious undertaking the band executed flawlessly. You may have heard one or two of these tracks live in the last few weeks if you caught them on their recent outings, but here they are packaged in all their glory for your amusement. Looking forward to seeing this band continue to push the envelope and take underground, heavy music to new heights.

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