Whitechapel “Kin”

Fifteen years and eight albums into their legacy, the boys from Tennessee continue their shape shifting path in efforts to cement themselves in heavy metal history. No matter how many times I hear their post S/T material, it’s always strange to hear Phil deliver cleans. Having dismissed their last three records as teen horror type films (consider the difference between Twilight and High Tension), “Kin” is a much stronger release, where the melodies finally work. Is this like a younger Maynard? Or is it Three Days Grace? It’s still not why I come to Whitechapel, so the train may have left the station for me, but it’s not without mention that the efforts go unnoticed. This would be like going to Dumont burger and getting the salad. It’s just not what I’m looking for here. I’m the purist at the bar screaming “bring back A New Era Of Corruption!” 

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