Limp Bizkit “Still Sucks”

It almost feels like no time at all between records, and not sure what diehards were really sitting around anticipating this to drop as suddenly as it did on a Halloween Sunday. For what it’s worth, it’s a damn fine Limp Bizkit record. It’s not “Chocolate Starfish,” nor is it the first two, but it’s definitely not the unmemorable records that followed. This is some of DJ Lethal’s finest work, even though some tracks finish a little too soon, and could’ve lingered a bit with the beats House Of Pain style. Sam Rivers proves to be the crafted skills-man he was in the late 90’s and doesn’t miss a lick. Fred Durst, is well, same as he ever was honestly, and unfortunately Wes doesn’t pop much aside from the banger that opens the record. Also, it’s John Otto’s sleepy performance on the kit, but the fact that the band stayed intact and the original lineup appears on the record is truly surprising. AOTY? Definitely not, and possibly not even top 30, but it’s certainly a fun record that extends the band’s legacy further into the 21st century than anyone could’ve possibly expected.

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