Mastodon “Hushed And Grim”

Behind the keys and so-so melodies rest sleepy drums, improvised and uninspired solos, and songs that run endlessly past the four and five minute mark

unnecessarily. Their logistics know me all too well, I found out this was released through a random blog post somewhere. No targeted ads for me, no other marketing placement, to which I responded “oh! A new Mastodon record, of course I have to check this out,” out of respect, only to cement what I already know. For the last fifteen years have been a sleepy act delivering mediocre execution for folks who are scared to dig deeper into the more aggressive side of the metal space. Mastodon just doesn’t write exciting music. I suppose I go to modern day Opeth for what some

come to Mastadon for these days. Either way, this isn’t thrilling, thought-provoking music, and they’re just not for me.

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