TRA - Album of the Year 2021

While everyone drooled over the new Turnstile, complained about their missing BTBAM variant, or frowned that their scene was making patrons mask up or display vax cards at shows, Deafheaven delivered quite a shocking installment to their catalogue. Gone are George Clarke’s signature screeching vocals, and instead a low, subtle, and morose undertaking is displayed, layering the band’s lush instrumentation, showcasing a huge leap forward for the band. While Deafheaven delivered a classic set during their Furnace Fest appearance and neglected to perform anything from “Infinite Granite,” it was obvious the band was in new form, hinting at new possibilities with their current amalgamation. Not only is this record the most captivating listen of the year, the band also now finds themselves in a league of their own, sitting beside bands such as the phenomenal Amenra and Converge. 

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