Comeback Kid “Heavy Steps”

Enduring a long career as a band like CK has sustained is a feat worthy of praise. However on 2017’s “Outsider” the band delivered a hardcore record of epic proportions. The chords and production were years ahead of its time and elevated the band to new territory. But TRA already reviewed that record five years ago. I can’t help but feel as if this latest one is a step back for the band. It’s not until “Menacing Weight” where we’re presented with something noteworthy that distances the band from just another melodic hc record, but by then we’ve been battered with ten tracks that all are, well, just ok really. Which is fine, it’s a good album, CK is a good band with their own signature sound. But the production Devin Townsend provided on their prior effort really did make the difference and highlighted their sound at a new level.

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