Lee McKinney “In The Light of Knowledge”

Having grown up surrounded by progressive guitar players, and being subscribed to Guitar World for a consecutive 48+ months, I was always on the sidelines when Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malsteem records would come slinging around. Even though I never really found them too interesting, I still recognized their relevancy and prolific nature to highlight extreme virtuoso. I can only imagine this is where McKinney takes the influence to deliver these solo albums that sound like they could be BOO tracks if they were just developed a bit further.  Seven years ago when he delivered the debut solo single “Skylasher” I thought this direction would break the mold into exceptional, interesting prog solo mastery, similar to what perhaps Animals As Leaders have been able to accomplish on their last few records (and we do, check “Stormrage”). But those elements are few and far between, and it seems that the debut single way back when seemed to be a peak. Two solo albums later, we’re left with some real middle of the road material, that sounds basically like a neighbor across the hall working out licks they’re looking to bring to practice.

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