Vein “This World Is Going to Ruin You”

How do you follow up a record as sensational as “Errorzone”? How can you possibly deliver an album worthy of the cult hype almost four years after your prior release? For everything Vein’s latest installment delivers: insane rhythms, tight knit synergy between instrumentation, & wild guest appearances, it’s simply too all-over-the-place for the sake of being all-over-the-place for me. I recognize bands like Dillinger have long since perfected the mastery of light and dark, and curated an ebb and flow that’s inspired this style of modern metal, but this album has too much open air and dead space between hits, and could’ve been condensed to a super impactful 18-20 minute release, rather than lingering into the 30+ mark, where I find myself asking “where’s the music?” Putney’s influence really elevates the first half of the record, but somewhere in here it just feels like the band wants to do what Loathe did, which unfortunately, Loathe already did.

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