Caliban “Dystopia”

Oh Caliban… How do you go from releasing a top record last year (I really enjoyed 2021’s “Zeitgeister”) to this pile of trash? For a band going on their twelfth record, it really is surprising to see how sad this release is. These lyrics are probably some of the worst I’ve ever heard (don’t even get me started on the anti-American “D I V I D E D”), and the keys polluting everything just make everything that much worse. There is absolutely no need to have this many albums in a catalogue. There is absolutely no need to come out with a full length eleven months apart. There is absolutely no need to have Caliban on the studio, and for a guy who’s been keeping up with this band for almost twenty years, I highly doubt I will bother with whatever they release next, and will probably be grabbing drinks if they happen to be playing on a festival I happen to be at. This one is bad, real bad.

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