Meshuggah “Immutable”

The Swedish titans deliver an epic slab of thirteen tracks that crush heavily six years past their prior release. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long as I was still literally digesting TVSOR. For what it’s worth, the band sandwiches two sweet interludes - one in the middle, another at the end, that leave some breathing room in an otherwise devastating listen. It’s the first time I’ve listened to Meshuggah and thought “wow, it’s really just a very intense version of Tool” (with much more punishing vocals and a whole lot less beat block). And while there are no standout tracks that really come to mind after a first listen, it’s the magnitude of the entirety of the record that leaves a lasting impression. The key here is to give it one solid go, in one sitting, where listening to anything else after sounds laughable. Meshuggah are kings of the game, and on their latest release they elevate the extreme metal genre once again and catapult themselves into the future from both a production and composition standpoint. Easily a top contender for 2022’s AOTY.

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