Rammstein “Zeit”

The reviews that translate Rammstein’s lyrics in English are missing the entire picture. Check out that ridiculous Apple Music recap of the album. Til’s operatic bellows aren’t meant to be transcribed as there’s a whole market out there that already understands the intent. The vile nature of the band has always been the dichotomy between their beautiful symphonic metal and their subject matter. Anyhow, it’s worth highlighting that Rammstein isn’t really a heavy band. Sure, there’s guitars and drums, but this isn’t far off from Ghost and you can honestly compare them to Epica with much cooler aesthetics and no Simone and A LOT more pyro. This album is a bit of a chore to get through even though it does have that magnum opus vibe. “Angst” feels like its been done before, and there’s nothing really here elevating the Rammstein legacy besides perhaps the videos that were released alongside the singles.

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