Court Order - Kingdom Gone


Underground warriors, extreme metal contenders, and leaders of the DIY culture, Court Order not only survived the last two years, but thrived in their isolation. The same aggression and spirit that launched the band’s self-titled EP in 2020, delivers another collection of impossibly tense metallic hardcore, throwing down ten slabs of monstrous anthems on their first full-length album, “Kingdom Gone" which will be released on August 12th, 2022.

Today, the band offers their fans the first taste of the album with the single, "Göz Taşı”

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Court Order's Ace Rubina comments:

“Kingdom Gone" is a record about the disgusting reality of the piss poor state of mental health in society and its effect on our friends and family. It’s unfortunate we wrote an entire album about it, and when I was putting these lyrics together I didn’t even notice it was the theme of the whole record until I was working to design the booklet and recognized the consistent presence of it in every track.  It was a two year journey putting this thing together and during that time one of my closest friends killed himself. He never got to hear it. This album is about all the ugliness, darkness and anger in the world and its impact on everything around us.”

"Kingdom Gone" track listing:

1. Always Glory

2. Without Name

3. Cloud Chase

4. Göz Taşı

5. Korashi

6. Toiling In Obscurity

7. Trebuchet

8. Despondent

9. Junkalanche

10. Rupture And Repair

"Kingdom Gone" was written in December 2020 and recorded in New Jersey, split between the efforts of Jerry Ramos who captured drums and vocals at Mercury Studios, and the band’s very own JD Occhipinti who built a custom rig exclusively tailored to capture the band’s intent. Produced by the band and mixed by Marcel Jaquemond, the album boasts Court Order at their most refined with a focused effort to push their sound to a new level. The riffs are wilder than anything they’ve done before and the vocals are more dynamic than ever. The artwork for the album was created by Jacob Beaver at Triple Dog Studios.

Court Order is:

Ace Rubina | Drums & Vocals

JD Occhipinti | Guitars

Oscar Cáceres | Bass Guitar

JJ Russo | Lead Vocals

Written December 4-9th 2020

Recorded January-June 2021

Abandoned May 7th, 2022

Tour to follow 

Record release show with Internal Bleeding

8/14: Clifton, NJ 

w/Somewhere To Call Home

9/15: Manchester, NH 

9/16: New Haven , CT 

9/17: Rochester, NY 

9/18: Allentown, PA

9/20: Richmond, VA

9/21: Charlotte, NC

9:22: Nashville, TN 

9/23: Atlanta, GA 

9/24:  Dothan, AL 

9/25: Bradenton, FL

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