Vatican “Ultra”

Randy Leboeuf can produce one hell of a record. The Chamber stuff, Boundaries’ latest, and now Vatican’s magnificent release. The sad reality is, this is not what Vatican sounds like live. I’ve seen them in three different venues over the last few years, and this is just not, well, that band. They’re damn good, but far from what’s captured here. And maybe the same can be said about a lot of bands. It’s not that either aren’t good, or that their live show isn’t beautifully executed. It’s actually that their live show is so much different sonically that an effort should be made to capture THAT, rather than transform and contain it into whatever this is. Although fantastic, I feel like doing this to a band, rather than trying to exploit that impact they have during an actual performance will really separate future producers from those that are just playing around intensely with plug ins, re-amps, and compression. Still one of the year’s best.

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