Court Order “Kingdom Gone”

New York’s independent metal outfit deliver their first full length since their inception, packed with wild riffs and a variety of vocals that sway the record from over the top aggression, to borderline emo and droning segue that lift the album from top to bottom. Recorded in multiple methods, the band initially spent time arranging ideas digitally and isolated, before spending a week in December of 2020 learning the songs together and arranging demos. The result is a compilation of tracks that elevate the band’s sound, with brash highlights “Toiling In Obscurity,” “Trebuchet,” and album closer “Rupture and Repair” delivering the punches. Meanwhile colorful, deep tracks such as “Korashi” and the dark and moody “Despondent” showcase something more in Court Order than just another heavy hardcore band that plays metal. Highlights “Without Name” and album opener “Always Glory” 
pick up where their prior EPs and singles left off, but in a much more polished, professional tone. What’s left is a record that highlights potential, yet one that falls short of eternal glory. Here’s to hoping the production and execution of their follow up efforts continue to build on the bands dynamic, animated sound.

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