Slipknot “The End, So Far”

It’s hard to imagine the band dressed in their aesthetic performing “Adderall” and “Acidic” live, two songs I found totally out of range from ANYTHING Slipknot’s ever done before. Sure, there’s the obvious Stone Sour comparison, but this isn’t their record. Could it be that Slipknot sees Ghost as their competition and recognize that pop appeal is paramount to their longevity? The answer is obvious. As the record unfolds, it hints at Slipknot DNA with the singles delivering elements we’ve heard from the band countless times before on the last five records, all perhaps with a touch of heightened melodies, guitar flare, keys and compressed production that makes this a neat little package, buttoned up with a bow. While the band will be scrutinized for this daredevil effort and hooks that probably should’ve been a little more thoroughly inspected, it’s still a Slipknot record through and through. Packed with blast beats, sandwiched between that driving drum beat they’re so notorious for, alongside scratches and samples galore. It’s Slipknot’s final release on Roadrunner, and they’ve pivoted their sound with tracks that will let them expand their brand further, whether the maggots like it or not.  It’s worth mentioning that there’s very little likelihood that this record will shed any current fans, regardless if some of the songs feel phoned in AF (ie; “Heirloom”), as the majority of the album is honestly not really that big of a departure from anything they’ve put out before.

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