Chelsea Grin “Suffer In Hell”

It’s hard to believe that tracks like “Crystal Casket” are still being made, and by Chelsea Grin no less, who were once the (arguably) premiere deathcore act. With a great aesthetic, alongside brutal songwriting the band was able to shine, nevermind how many countless acts were operating in the same space. CG no doubt has a different glossy sheen polish over their work that makes them attractive compared to legit underground acts like Cholera and Wisteria Cottage, or even I Declare War. It’s unfortunate that got lost somewhere along the way right around the time Richardson left. This first half of an apparent double disc with the second half set for a March 2023 release, does not seem to be the band’s pinnacle work. While it’s no “Desolation of Eden” slop either and CG does try to bring back some of their glory on the lead packed “Mourning Hymn,” it’s really all just alright, but severely underwhelming. So aside from “Forever Bloom” and the exercise of a new drummer at the helm (no Pablo on this one folks), there’s really not much here we haven’t heard before that’s presented in a fresh, exciting way.

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