Court Order - November 2022


November 2022 Update:

After finishing up the gigs & whatever marketing could be afforded alongside the “Kingdom Gone” release, it definitely felt good to put the merch bins & grid wall away in the basement. We printed more shirts than we should’ve & handed out more copies of the album than we’d like to admit. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve got one of everything that we print.

So now what? Well, you’ll be happy to know Court Order tracked more music throughout the year. Songs got mixed & mastered. About a half dozen of them shits for now. A song or two may be released soon & we’ve got more studio time scheduled as we’re hoping to elevate what we’ve done.

We don’t have a string of shows lined up or a record we’re focused on getting out. It’s been fun to have things be uncharted at the moment & take a breath for the first time in five years since the band’s inception. There are 24 Court Order songs & about a dozen videos out there to look back on, & HOURS of content from the last seventy shows. Go relive that & sulk in it for a bit as we hope to shift shape.

We also just wrapped up two years of working alongside EMG. Many of you have asked us about it so we figured we’d make that announcement in this update. Our partnership with EMG was great & we want to thank them for anything they’ve done for us.

But eventually, there will be more shows. More music. 

The Court Order legacy continues 🚐💨🎶

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