Eternal Sleep “Desperate Prayer Blues”

With seemingly little to no marketing and hardly more than a facebook post earlier in the week announcing the release of “something,” Eternal Sleep show us how much they really care for our attention (or just how little they concern themselves with marketing). I was expecting a song or two, but a whole album? Far from it. After 2016’s “The Emptiness Of,” the band spent some time on the road, but then all but vanished, except for a few singles here and there and maybe the odd show every once in a while. 

On the band’s latest full length we’re treated like royalty, being given a strong slab of the best “metallic metalcore” releases in recent memory. While the album opener is worthless and goes nowhere, once things kick off it feels pretty fresh and exciting. With ETID gone, there’s that post “Obsession” 18V sounding stuff Eternal Sleep are leaning into. Songs like “Against a Wall” highlight that Weiland-esque approach we’ve heard time and time again over the years. “Speak/not Speak” needs a lot of work, but the intention is there and I can see that they may have struggled with getting this vision out and executed well. The whole album is full of really big ideas and it’s obvious plenty of thought went into this record.

Called it out when I posted the list, but there’s always one release that plops before year’s end that makes posting that AOTY list feel silly before the year’s up. Here’s how much Eternal Sleep could care about making anyone’s roster.

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