See You Next Tuesday “Distractions”

The band’s first installment and third full length release in fifteen years shouldn’t be looked at as a follow up to anything the band previously released. This record stands on its own, completely removed from the band’s prior works. Those expecting “Parasite 2” will be completely disappointed, as the record delivers songs that exceed the two plus minute mark and flush out ideas further than the band ever has before. Unless you consider “Coming To America 2” a proper sequel, “Distractions” feels almost like a release from a completely different band.

The riffs are wild, the drums featuring new guy James Watson are explosive, and Fox sounds as convincing and capable as ever. It’s all just different. While it’s a definite improvement over “Intervals,” a record I really never understood (and can’t remember honestly besides that insane clock fade away as the album’s closer), it’s hard to understand where this will fit in at aggressive music’s current crossroads. While not exactly a grind record, that’s definitely not by a deathcore band (you’re wrong there wikipedia), SYNT provide their wild carnival act in the current era to cast a spotlight on the early 2000’s era Ferret Catalog. 

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