Glass Casket “Let Them Go”

While the members of the North Carolina avant-garde metalcore outfit went on to notoriously join some of modern metal’s most prolific acts, I can’t say that I haven’t been keeping my ear to the ground specifically for ANYTHING from Glass Casket for the last 17 years (with apparently more vinyl on the way).

Sitting on four new tracks, we received the first single today, 3/17/2023. For as much metal as I cover here, you’d think I practically detest some of this stuff that’s been coming out in the last three years. But the reality is a lot of this material for those of us who have been attentively listening since the turn of the century, has been redone. And not once or twice, but by the dozens, if not hundreds. With that said, it’s blatantly evident when I hear original, creative, fully executed ideas. It’s possible! It’s real! Aggressive music can be interesting and exciting. 

As an added note I think that’s why we’ve seen MTV’s legacy reporters on other media outlets over the years. Eventually, your jaded perspective on the new is tarnished by the overwhelming, endless, monotony of the mediocre.

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