Periphery V: “Djent Is Not A Genre”

Misha & Co. work to outperform their every move in a refined, elevated version of the band we’ve heard since day one. There’s that same driving force of guitars and groove, while Spencer runs around all over the place with multiple personalities in each track. It has to be said that these whacky vocals are just too all over the place, and while the range and schizophrenia may work with other acts, the Long Island accent ala-Daryl Palumbo just DOES NOT WORK IN PERIPHERY. In fact, it just sounds ridiculous. But I’m not in this band, and don’t really care that much, I just have a soft spot to engage whatever they release in hopes of hearing the latest studio features captured and come to life. But between all the fine coloring here, there are just a ton of questionable moments and interludes where it’s clear the band has lost the plot on what they’re really trying to do and are stuffing this packaging with endless nonsense that had me scratching my head throughout. Nine tracks at SEVENTY MINUTES can definitely be seen as wankery.

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