Gel “Only Constant”

For being labeled a punk record, the production is absolutely fantastic. Something I found missing in Scowl, a band that consistently seems to be working in parallel with these folks (as well as Spy, Escuella Grind, Zulu, & Ekulu for some strange online taxonomy). I often felt like I was missing something, not haphazardly hopping on a sort of odd underground cultural phenomenon that’s gained momentum and a legion of fans diving into a bandwagon that seemingly came out of nowhere. But it’s great to hear that Gel backs it all up with an awesome record. Although I didn’t really think much of “Violent Closure,” this batch of ten songs, clocking in at sixteen minutes, just doesn’t leave any time at all for the band to get anything wrong. This one certifiably rocks, reminding me of “Orchestra of Wolves” era Gallows for whatever reason.

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