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We were recently interviewed and asked what we would say to someone “going through it” - a bit disappointing given the level of effort put into the band’s lyrical content over the years. So here’s a little cliff note for those that struggle to make sense of our message:

“Poor Excuse” is a song written about talking to yourself out of the things that matter to you and cutting that shit out. Go listen to it and be inspired to pursue your goals. 

“Split Between A Dream And A Failure” aims to highlight the duality of the human experience, sometimes you’re fully actualized through the art of expression, other times you fall short. Life is about recognizing the light/dark in ALL things.

“Future Machine” is about becoming mechanically fluent in throwing away toxic relationships that do nothing but hold you back through venting, delusions, narcissism, and fake solidarity. We suffer no fools, even though we’ve tolerated endless clown shit throughout the history of this band both internally & externally to keep the dream alive. 

“Always Glory” confronts suicidal ideation but recognizing we are dead for much longer than we are alive and just trying to get through the human experience. Most of us in this band have lost someone close to us at a young age and there’s really nothing that we can do on either side to fix it. Sometimes we just stay broken.

Court Order’s lyrical content is not bullshit. At a time where it feels like there are more bands and “promoters” than fans, make sure what you’re ingesting is authentic and intentional, and take time to notice the difference when something is real and what is hype. Court Order has gone through many member changes in the time since its inception. But the message has stayed pure since Joe wrote the lyrics to “Creations” back in 2019. Feel free to get with the program.

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