Meshuggah “ObZen (15th Anniversary 2023 Remastered Edition)”

When this record originally dropped I was in the midst of sobering up and graduating from undergrad. The record blew my lid off and my appreciation for aggressive prog metal with songs like “Pineal Gland Optics,” “Lethargica” and the now infamous “Bleed” understood that this release was taking extreme music to new heights. There isn’t a song here that isn’t a banger. Although I don’t believe in touching up what doesn’t need to be altered, I do appreciate some of the nuances enhanced on this release that showcase some of the drum fills and guitar sorcery in new light. It would’ve been cool if there was an additional track or perhaps something substantially impactful to accompany this effort, but instead it just feels like a reminder to revisit one of the greatest metal records of the 2000’s, if not ever released.

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