Veil of Maya “[m]other”

For as active as this band is I find it hard to believe this is their first full length release in six years! I’ve kept up with these guys ever since “The Common Man’s Collapse” dropped in 2008 and have always been impressed with their technical proficiency and guitar sorcery, and while Marc Okubo has always found new ways to reinvent his sound (think Tom Morello, only in the aggressive djent space), somewhere after “Eclipse” the melodies in the vocal department tried to, well, “eclipse” what made VOM so fantastic to begin with. On their latest record, it’s clear the band has heard the message loud and clear and is working to deliver the sound that put them on the map in the first place. But odd moments in songs like “Artificial Dose” where the chorus just all of sudden drops out of nowhere highlight that the band still has no idea how to effectively blend these two elements together.

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