Signs of the Swarm “Amongst The Low & Empty”

This is where the crossroads clearly divide the crowds. I just feel like I’ve just been scoffing at too many of these albums over the last eighteen months. When I first heard Carnifex in 2006, I thought death metal and hardcore had peaked. Something about the blend of bands like Cannibal Corpse and The Acacia Strain that just appealed to me. Then as things evolved over the years and deathcore became cemented as a genre, we ended up with this strange IG/YT culture that celebrates this type of stuff, that just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s almost like a sausage version of a very fine meat. On this one specifically, it isn’t the double bass tricks that derail the songs when the drums go at ultrasonic high-speeds to flex, or when David Simonich battles Will Ramos for the pig squeal top spot, or when absolutely superb riffs get destroyed by so many competing priorities that neglect songwriting entirely, but it’s just the overall feeling of a record like this, where you have to stop halfway through your workout to check, did I accidentally hit back and am hearing the same song again? Or is the same song just going on incessantly? OR is it just too hard to tell the difference between them? 

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