Tomb Mold “The Enduring Spirit”

Tomb Mold’s virality is not to be understated, with merch and vinyls disappearing from online distros instantly after announcements. While these guys have paved a lane for themselves, they seem to be a lot like Blood Incantation, packed with comparable imagery, presenting themselves with similar spacial-galactic-esque atmosphere. Bands like The Faceless and Slugdge laid the foundation so that band’s like this could walk, but if you really listen closely, some of these riffs are just weak. You can’t listen to the imagery, and it feels like musicians are starting to forget that and think that we can. Certainly aesthetics and packaging count for something, but don’t photocopy your phone bill and wrap it in plastic and try and sell it to me, as the folks here at TRA like to say (me).

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