Crosses “Goodnight, God Bless, I Love U, Delete”

FINALLY Chino nailed it with his talented personnel on this sensational release that packages all the elements from all the other projects where he leaned into this space (mostly Team Sleep, the second half of Deftones’ catalog, and the other Crosses releases, really). But “Pleasure,” “Runner” and the Gorillaz-esque “Big Youth” give those of us who’ve followed Chino’s trajectory since we were children in the 90’s the most appropriate execution of this man’s vocal talents appropriately. Chino is a voice like Halford, Ozzy, Danzig, Elvis, it’s not just another metalcore vocalist doing cleans and aggro, so there’s a nuance to it and over the hears we’ve seen it hit high and low, but if for whatever reason you’ve left this one on the side like I did, I highly recommend a spin ASAP. It won’t take long for it to make sense for the true fans out there to enjoy.

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