Dying Wish “Symptoms of Survival”

This is a huge step forward for the band. The music and writing feel so much tighter than before. Especially on “Watch My Promise Die,” where Emma and the band finally lock in the melody and it doesn’t sound like a plane has crashed into the mountain on what is otherwise a pretty standard New England-ish sounding metalcore band (they’re still metalcore here, and metallic hardcore is just the same sounding genre in 2023 that is displaying chops from 99-04)*. But the mediocre chugs that follow alongside lyrical content I’ve struggled to take seriously as a writer since the band’s inception, make it just another DW release that I doubt will convert any newcomers who aren’t already either going to the shows today or playing in the bands that are opening up for them.

*Feel free to find time in my outlook to discuss metalcore/melodic hardcore/metallic hardcore and the blogger djent movement and what it did to ti the modern metal spectrum if you’d like for me to expand in my thesis further. You may find some time slots available in late 2024.

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