No Cure “The Commitment To Permanence”

Is anyone writing music against the poison food in America? All the chemicals in the products we buy - the cheese, creams, everything that isn’t grown in the ground seems to be inked up like some Sailor Jerry covered VFW scene lord. Rubbish. Apologies. For a second I thought we were talking about a clean lifestyle. Straight edge. Or does that only include omitting weed, alcohol and other hard drugs? I’d like to think another PETA org would be out there waving the wand, raising attention to this issue as an extension of their impact on the consumption of animal products in America, but without Warped Tour, as consumers we’re left to our own delightfully curated propaganda online. No one is out there at the shows with any leaflets discussing these ideas. It’s all hive mind all the time.

Regarding the album, it’s such a heavy record. A straight edge record, as No Cure seems to be so intended in highlighting. Which is great. It’s important to have principals and let it shine in your music. So I figured I’d share something important alongside a record I thought was trying to do the same. I’m looking for that profound youthful message that’s trying to drive a little change and sharing perspective on some modern issues I think bands that promote “clean living” can start to focus on. I didn’t think this was it.

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