Cathexis “Untethered Abyss”

Since the books are closed for 2023, I figured I’ll share a recent find I stumbled into. Willowtip’s Cathexis in L.A.’s massive Amoeba Records was hiding amongst the mega shop’s vastness. The album chops up one of the finest technical brutal death metal releases in recent memory and instantly dives into supreme glory. Although the genre has a long list of victims of who’ve all stoned us to death with rock solid tears of absolute boredom, Cathexis have the riffs, flow, nuance, and ability to deliver us straight to outer space with an album you simply cannot deny as it melts your face stitch by stitch in epic metal mastery ala Slugdge and early Decrepit Birth.

Cathexis is the future. Well, at least I would hope so, but given a marginal social media presence and a tour history that could use a little protein two years after the record’s release, make me feel this was a passion project by a group of friends from the endless portal of talent that just cannot stop seeping out of Texas these days.

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