Knoll “As Spoken”

On their third full length, Knoll chaotically “reel it in” (lol) and arguably deliver  their greatest achievement yet. Powerful grind riffs shred alongside inhuman blasts that are sandwiched over deep, introspective lyrical composition that brings to mind David Foster Wallace’s extraneously thorough non-fiction.

It is said that books often speak to each other. I’d like to extend that thought a further to claim that records do the same. We’ve heard samples come up in tracks over the years and many bands often sneak an OG riff or a lyrical snip into new material giving a secret nod for those who know and have studied the band’s catalog to extent, where newcomers would often overlook the nuance. It is in my opinion that Knoll’s progression on the album is a direct response to Portrayal of Guilt’s “ Devil Music.” Especially the portion in “Revile of Light” when things go totally over the edge.

Give it a whirl and you’ll see that both records go hand in hand, as if building something new in a clean landscape, developing songwriting and a production style that brings to mind a possible evolution in folk horror aimed to deliver modern day black metal into a slightly brighter spotlight. This. This is exciting, extreme music in 2024.

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