Slope “Freak Dreams”

It’s no secret that 2021’s “Street Heat” totally derailed my attention for the year, landing at No. 2 next to Deafheaven’s AOTY “Infinite Granite.” The album was fresh and showcased something new, combining genres in all sorts of thrilling new styles. I was so excited to see Slope’s sophomore full length that I almost dropped $200 on the bundle (I forcefully abandoned that cart, and spent $0 instead). 

But “Freak Dreams” is really just, SH2, and there’s nothing taking the band to the next level as I expected. It’s a fantastic release and sure, “Nosedive” and “True Blue” are the ultimate in RHCP HC, but that’s it really. It doesn’t warrant the same curiosity, intrigue for repeat listens or obsession the last one did for me. Not exactly the album of the year I thought I’d snag early and if this is the year’s best, I’m going to be left unapologetically stunned. Either way, don’t miss it.

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