Boundaries “Death Is Little More”

The band stands strong, continuing to churn output almost faster than most archivists can even digest their prior recording. I must admit “Easily Erased” is not a track I swallowed easily, and even after two spins, I still think it’s probably a super huge idea that landed too close to sounding like Warped Tour era Chiodos blended with chuggy djenty grooves, which just wasn’t my speed twenty years ago (Greeley Estates or Sky Eats Airplane were enough, thank you) and still isn’t really my speed today. “Darkness Shared” further expands this element. These epic, belting sing alongs that seem to force their way in for the sake of “dynamic” never really made any sense in any spectrum of this space. But that’s just, like, totally my opinion dude.

There’s a lot here that sounds like it got lifted from that Legend debut and the album sandwiches in enough of those early For The Fallen Dreams era Misery Signals decoy leads to make anyone who’s been around long enough to know to ask if Remembering Never didn’t just reform as Boundaries, because had the band extended their “She Looks So Good In Red” era sound, it’s safe to say it probably would’ve landed somewhere here. And I’d say that’s one hell of a compliment.

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