Bring Me The Horizon “POST HUMAN: NeX GEn”

I’ve been along for the ride since this band left their basement and toured across America with some of hardcore’s finest (Nights Like These/Ion Dissonance tour alongside Bury Your Dead and that Johnny Truant/Misery Signals/The Ghost Inside tour that never happened) and their blockbuster appeal just continues to expand. Sure, there’s the polarizing pop element here, but you can’t deny that these are really great songs, that are super well-written and thought out. And while the band wants to deliver approachable songs, the monster the band has tucked away in the closet continues to poke it’s gnashing teeth and snarling bite throughout.

As a longtime fan, I’ve never missed a chance to see them in New York or any festival really, and definitely recommend this album for those who think a band’s trajectory into softening territory often means stale tracks and uninspiring songs. This a great collection of anthems that will only continue to elevate the band into repeat headliner trajectory. “n/A” was written for me. It’s been a while since a song took me there. Also really killer job of placing all the singles in the second half of the album and gifting brand new bangers at the front of the album. 

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