Knocked Loose “You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To”

The Oldham legends continue to conquer the modern heavy metal narrative, fulfilling multiple darkened corners of the genre on their third full length. Their legacy expands and the team that packed this together developed an intense, creative experience to lure newcomers and shush doubters. From the birds chirping after “Suffocate,” to it’s transition, to the lurking “Take Me Home,” this record was produced to take the band to an even more assertive, unrelenting tier with an elevated “louder than all” finish, that differentiates itself from the scene’s infinite playlists. The third full length is typically where we lose most bands to “third album syndrome,” sometimes for better like when Deftones went “White Pony” on us, and sometimes for worse when Slipknot went Vogue on “Vol. 3” and the unfortunate turns that followed. But Knocked Loose stayed true, and delivered their finest installment as they continue to challenge and defy what’s possible for aggressive music in 2024.

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