Foreign Hands “What’s Left Unsaid”

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed Foreign Hands releasing countless singles throughout the last seven years, alongside a rather convincing EP a few years back that came close to elevating the band’s trajectory. But nothing in the band’s catalogue compares to what’s been captured here. While “Horror Domain” will remain the band’s pinnacle, a hill I am most definitely willing to die on, the entire record is probably some of the best modern metalcore I’ve heard in a very long time. The nuance of cleans smashed in between Misery Signals riffage, Poison The Well’s chord progression, two step grooves and finely tuned breakdowns make for an instant classic that’s only been out for a few hours. It’s a release long in the making, from a band that’s worked so hard to chisel their sound with a frontman who’s been on the road practically since birth alongside other notable scene road dogs Wristmeetrazor, Simulakra and the mighty, but dormant, Vicious Embrace.

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