2x4 - "Dark Hand"

"Everywhere I go it's all the same." Where tough bands fall short is their authenticity in their craft. If your group is made up of suburban youth with no talent, the tales of hardships and lyrics of betrayal will be a complete joke. Although production often saves, it's often a total struggle with the content. You can have blast beats and breakdowns, but what's the point? What's the message? 2x4 own on this front with quality writing in the prose department. They keep the focus simple and one dimensional, yet punctual and efficient. A few words, a few riffs, a few minutes a song. Simple ideas, with great execution. Think of Chad Ruhlig's best days with Legend and combine them with Acacia Strain's less monotonous song dwellings and you have "Dark Hand." A bit like Barrier, a bit like Feign, but a great addition to the playlist. A quick 7 song release, beautifully crafted. 

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