Gideon - "Calloused"

I may be biased as I've waited for a hardcore band to come out with my dad's name since I picked up my first Korn album. Picking up right where their sophomore release left off, "Calloused" finds Gideon playing it safe. Props to "Prison Eyes" for really being the differentiator as every other song here could have honestly been written during the "Milestone" sessions. Gideon's a meat and potatoes kind of band. Very simple, no fluff or too much layering. Grooves and beatdowns galore and a soft spiritual message which is important for bands on Facedown. I just think "Milestone" was such a gem. Similar to TGI's "Returners," there's no telling if they'll ever hit another proper peak. Then again, I am also one who thinks that BTBAM's finest hour was somewhere between tracks 4-7 on "The Silent Circus."

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