Converge - "Jane Doe"

Ahh yes, the golden age. "Jane Doe" is everything you could want in a record. Terrible first impression, great mystique, brutal vinyl, and endless curiosity. Converge really captured their depth as a band with this one. For the frail, if you can get through "Concubine," and the several tracks that follow, what's in store truly is a golden egg. At parts almost western, Nate explodes on the bass. The blast beats are produced incredibly well and personify the tazmanian devil. The raunchy twang of Kurt's guitar is at its peak as sonic airwaves are pierced with each of Jacob's unrelenting wails and barking ferocity. When I first saw Converge in 2001 with Hatebreed at House of Blues, they were just celebrating its release and I didn't understand Bannon's barking approach and its appeal. Now, four albums later, they're no longer the noisecore band that spread its wings during the "Petitioning..." and WFCC years. Instead, they've managed to cement themselves as one of the league heavyweights and a brand that is forced to be reckoned with. With this, nothing can outmatch

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