Hatebreed - "Satisfaction is the Death of Desire"

Victory used to consistently house traditional hardcore acts. Shelter, Earth Crisis, Shutdown and many others found their home at the label's infancy.When Hatebreed came along with "Last Breath" on a summer sampler, the total control the band showcased in less than two minutes presented an unmatched level of ferocity that still begs to be challenged today. "Satisfaction" is the home of many of the band's iconic mantras. The one liners are back to back on this one. Jasta's writing is more intimate than any of their later releases, and the band's in no-filler/all-killer mode for all 14 tracks. Extremely efficient and straight to the point, Hatebreed were one of the first crossover acts to really embed the hardcore and metal worlds together. Even though Neurosis and Pantera managed to linger on the same borders, Hatebreed was so traditional in their breakbeat-two-step build up style that their coming of age and infiltrating MTV with their sophomore release really joined forces with two realms of rock n roll that struggled to mix until this point. A great album from front to back, considered one of the classics. Soon to celebrate its 20 year.

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