Metallica - "...And Justice For All"

Treading through the 80's we wrap up with Metallica's "...AJFA" with one of the most unique productions ever captured in the history of man. I don't know what it is about Lars' bass drums on this but they sound like a sponge filled with medal bars that are getting tossed around a washer. Pretty gnarly drum production for sure and no other Metallica release duplicates this approach. As for the riffs, lord holy mother of Vishnu, do we have some of the most creative set of licks ever captured on record. Just the title track alone is enough to get any new kid on the block the desire to buy that crap fender strat kickoff kit with picks and gig bags and hit the streets. "Harvester of Sorrow," another relic gem designed to be cherished throughout the course of time. Dare I say this was their peak? That's arguably a bold statement, but "...Justice" is definitely a great follow up to "Puppets" that stands the test of time. Nowadays Metallica music is literally language of the mad. 

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