Nine Inch Nails - "The Downward Spiral"

Moving through the 90's it's a sin not to mention the importance of this one. Before Reznor became the Mozart of our time, TDS showed promise of an artist on the verge of breakthrough. Where "Pretty Hate Machine" was loaded with 80's pop influence and "Broken" reigned with rage a few years later, the sophomore LP was a bit more animated, full of surprises, and didn't have one song that sounded like the next. Obvious classic "Closer" is still a personal favorite and gems like "Piggy" still linger in mystery and are consistently reinterpreted in live settings. It must've been the third or fourth time that I purchased TDS that I knew something had to give, and here we are 20 years later, 5 albums deeper, and countless remixes and b sides, and the track listing still captivates. 

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