Opeth - "Pale Communion"

O ye olde sounds of folklore bring us yet another collection of subtle hymns. Following the spirit of "Heritage," Opeth continue with the story telling on this soft collection of art rock and avant garde prog. In case you're wondering, "Orchid" style bellows are still nowhere to be found, and the group continues to follow their frontman's lead regarding vocal delivery and soft plucks at the strings. The songwriting is absolutely noteworthy. "Pale Communion" can be the soundtrack to a Viking epic or a motion picture battle royal. "Eternal Rains Will Come" find the group chanting in unison with prolific harmony, while album opener is a smooth segue way into the tracks that follow. This is a mature listen for mature listeners, the only real concern is how these songs will translate to a live setting when Dillinger or Kvelertak are openers.

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