Unearth - "Watchers of Rule"

There are always those moments of doubt in an album that make me wonder why an artist would choose a certain angle or why a certain song is even present on a release. Even the best albums have these moments. Nothing is ever perfect. But there comes a point where something should make up for that. "Watchers of Rule" is that moment for all twelve tracks of the release. Aside from the Slayer cover, nothing caught my attention at all. This is the first album in quite some time where I find myself questioning this residency in my catalogue. I hesitated to purchase the album in the first place but when I finally broke down and did it, I remembered why I'd rather download. This album isn't relevant and that's a sad fact. It isn't that they aren't qualified musicians, in fact they're far from it. It's just the same old trite album after album with these guys and it's really just become a waste of time. I can't stress relevancy enough and how important that is with streaming and leaks polluting the web. With Carnifex, the vocals and production are always something to look forward to. Job For A Cowboy always prompts wonder with technicality and their bass player is beyond a magician. But with this one, I question everything. I even gave it three listens on separate occasions thinking it was a bad day that gave me attitude. There is no need for this album and I'd recommend checking out the releases from the prior two artists if in need of a proper metal fix. Be warned of monotony.

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