Tool - "Ænima"

Aside from the cover burning in my mind throughout the course of time, the gems on this relic are some of the greatest ever captured. The fact that they disappear for years at a time also makes their appeal a little more drawing. Maynard's probably in his best form on this one and greatest hit "H.," falls right alongside the singles and the title track. Nothing ever replicated this release and it stood alone with no predecessors. Truly one of a kind, Tool make a  vulgar and aggressive release one of their most captivating and one of the greatest of all time. I got into this release when I was listening to everything from No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom," to RATM's "Evil Empire," and some of the sounds I heard (especially the first verse in "Eulogy") were the first and only times I ever heard certain studio tricks and that type of production on an album.

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