It Prevails - Perdition

It's been almost 5 years since Stroma dropped and took It Prevails to the forefront of melodic hardcore. In hindsight I don't think It Prevails did enough touring for Perdition to have taken as long as it did to come out. The band is definitely one of the best in the scene and it's a shame that they're not The Ghost Inside of the scene or even remotely considered a powerhouse. In fact it seems like this band has gone absolutely nowhere since they released The Inspiration in 2007. As sad as that may be, the album still soars and is an incredible listen. The vocal melodies have become almost angelic and the production is soft and crisp making the aggressive tones really enjoyable. It's pathetic that they never took off proper, but just because the business is shit doesn't mean it isn't insanely creative. 

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