Hater - "Navel String"

The crispiness of Hater's baby EP Navel String is probably the biggest takeaway. Another beatdown, downtempo band giving it a shot. They do stay true to some Meshuggah elements that help them out a bit. "Wasted Generation" brings to mind some Feign elements with good riffs on the low tuned guitars which are really welcomed to those interested. It doesn't all need to be open E's. Sometimes I think kids just record the first three songs they ever wrote. That can certainly work out, but often it's those gems that are created by sulking with your band mates about how to take things to the next level. Hater was probably really excited to get like minded people playing comparable music to what they listen to and viola! we have Navel String. Worthy for the angry and those looking for something new on chest day.

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